Miriam Rueda
Bangkok, Thailand
+66 (0) 870 765 080 design@mesa312.com
Art Direction
Editorial Design
Miriam is a Project International's Creative Director based in Bangkok for 12 years. She brings to the team more than 20 years of experience in brand development and graphic design. She has worked in the private sector in Europe and the Asia and Pacific region and have contributed to several international organizations such as IOM, FES, RECOFTC, UNFPA and WHO.
She tries to promote creative classes as she believes that curiosity is the basis for a good motivation to learn. That's why she is doing creative workshops for all ages in her new studio MESA312.

1997, Senior Technical Design and Publishing, E.P. Sant Antoni, Barcelona
2000, Graphic Design, BAU, Barcelona
2001, White & Black Photography, Grisart School, Barcelona
2011, Interactive Design and Multimedia Animation, FOAP, Barcelona
2011, Web Structure Design, ANCIFAP, Barcelona
2020, Colour in graphic design, UPV/EHU, on-line

Development: HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Design: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
CMS: Drupal 8, Wordpress, Joomla
Productivity: Microsoft Office

English, Spanish, Catalan

2009 - on going

I have participated in projects from the beginning or already started. Over the years I have developed the ability to organize, adapt and manage with international teams and projects sizes.
Afghanistan: WHO
England: SONS & CO with Kuoz and Pure DNA · Louise Sinclair
India: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)
Myanmar: UNFPA
Spain: La Fundació La Caixa · Gully & Skills · Gamo Outdoor
Thailand: ACCOR · Adino & Steinert · Embassy of Brazil · ETC Travel · FES · IOM IRASEC · Neilson Hays Library · Quince · RECOFTC · Siri House · The Emperor’s Secret Wine Garage · Xoconat
United States: UNSDG


In this Thai company dedicated to design and sale of woman swimmwear and lingerie, I was directing the graphical, on-line and comunication area. I organized fashion shows at the Bangkok International Fashion Week and similar events in Pattaya and Phuket. I directed openings of new shops in the country. I collaborated with the department of marketing and import/export, acquiring new knowledge for myself.


Barcelona & Bangkok
For this Spanish communication consultancy I was employed in Barcelona and Bangkok. In BCN I was at the graphic department carrying out designs of catalogues, stationery, pacaking, stands for fairs and directing photo shootings. In BKK, I took the project Flight Tag. Suppliers’ search (Bangkok, Hong Kong, China, Singapore), application of the graphic design and follow-up the manufacture/distribution of products for fashion, papers, gadgets. Negotiation and opening shop in Suvarnabhumi International Airport and The Village Shopping Centre (Pattaya).


This small graphic company is where I honed my pre-press knowledge. Materials, types of printing for catalogs, packagings, displays.


In this company of communication and design, I specialized myself in design and photography of packaging for food and cosmetic industries.


Company dedicated to discover fashionable trends. Search of new trends in fashionable parades, magazines, shops, interactive means; all this formed of brochures and monthly leaflets.